This is Wikimploi: the Renaissance, Occupy and Woodstock of Work

Wikimploi is an innovative blueprint model for a new type of work community based on the concept of new work. It connects professionals from both vocational and academic backgrounds with their different skill sets and work input by providing them a work space, technical resources as well as potentially endless opportunities for cooperation in various locations. Wikimploi develops work with high potential for future success at the crossroads of megatrends, global economy, digital technologies, city planning, localism, population growth, media, art and design.

Wikimploi is a nonprofit and non-partisan startup challenging governmental employment models and procedures with its active and radical actions and agile modus operandi. Wikimploi is a glocal changemaker in work ethics, economics and efficiency.

Wikimploi is the Uber of work. Where Uber organises outmoded and inefficient taxi traffic and car use, Wikimploi combines three things:

  1. Available workforce, unemployed professionals and youngsters, seeking to put their talents in use and do something meaningful for the greater good.
  2. The millions of m² of empty offices, workspace, production, storage and market space around the world, waiting to get business.
  3. Work, either on everybodys own ideas and projects, or the Wikimploi Grand Projects.
  4. As fourth dimension, Wikimploi makes an abstraction shift of work doing the current and future work (all production and services) more ecologically, ethically and economically.


Wikimploi combines three components: People, spaces and work. Today there are 0,4 million unemployed in Finland, 20 million in Europe and 200 million unemployed worldwide. There are thousands of square kilometers of empty office, production and storage spaces globally. Work pays our salaries, investments and social security. All work is not yet done.

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Wikimploi’s mission (version 0.91):

“Wikimploi’s mission is to reinvent and reorganise work to deliver more ethical, ecological and economic society.“

Wikimploi’s activities in brief:

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