Visioning and planning first

In Wikimploi we envision and plan first, then we organise and execute. Why do we think and prepare? Because the social, economical and political environment is highly systemic, or complex for those who can’t see the totality. There are to many conflicts, interests and parties to shut down employment startups than to support them. That’s why a non-profit and non-partisan employment startup has to be, by its planning, rocket science and spatial arrangements as Wikimploi is.


Wikimploi visons, plans, organises and executes. First envision and planning, which formulate practicalities for organisation and execution.

Wikimploi concepts

The Renaissance, or rebirth, of work, Wikimploi creates new work by restructuring conventional ways of working and welcoming next generation solutions.

As the Occupy movement of work, Wikimploi questions existing power structures, providing a way to find work without turning to the authorities in a quest to change the world of employment.

Like Woodstock in 1969, Wikimploi will bring together hundreds of thousands of people in search of employment by offering them an inspiring work environment and the possibility to add meaning to their existence.


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