Where and How

Easily copied and cloned, the concept will work equally well everywhere from Finland to Thailand, and from the UK to the US.

Wikimplaces, located in the heart of the city, will quickly become attractive meeting places for topnotch lecturers, international visitors, employees, employers, and citizens. Here, investors will be able to find the professionals behind tomorrow’s success. Their creative contribution will then be combined with the funds from the investors; competitiveness and growth will meet creative and ethical solutions. The Wikimplace thus becomes the central market place of the creative city.

Commercially dynamic, Wikimploi can be turned into an exportable product quickly: the Wikimploi concept can be replicated and adapted, and made freely available. Only the consulting associated with adapting the Wikimploi model is subject to a charge, and the earnings from this consulting will be used to further develop the concept.

The Wikimploi brand is international. Wikimploi works in both urban and rural areas. Wikimplace and Wikiwork are sub-brands of the dynamic Wikimploi model.

The major overhead costs of the Wikimploi program result from office space rent, salaries and other operating costs. In the case of Helsinki, during the first stage, about 3,000 m2 of office space in the city centre and the necessary equipment for 200–300 employees would suffice (most people would bring their own equipment and tools). With participants mainly being entrepreneurs or receiving unemployment benefits, salary costs would be minimal.

The total costs of setting up a Wikimploi program in Helsinki would be between one and two million euros annually, a mere fraction of the €1.2 billion budget proposal for employment and entrepreneurship policy by the Finnish Ministry of Finance. Cloning the program would create €100,000–€200,000 per city in revenues.

Wikimploi strives to promote the aims of the fourth sector, targeting reasonable profits utilizing social solutions, ethical work and outstanding next-generation innovations and systemic solutions.