The goal of Wikimploi is to develop every dimension of work from content to effects so that a higher and more sustainable level of abstraction is achieved.  It is the core platform for drafting practical applications related to megatrends. Wikimploi is an enabler: by utilising both virtual and concrete measures it enables us to develop work which best serves humanity and the global quality of life.

There are a considerable number of locations and groups of people that will benefit from the Wikimploi model. The unemployment rate of young generations is on the rise everywhere – not only in Finland, Greece, and Spain, but also on a global level. The world today has over 200 million people without work. Traditional models for reducing unemployment are likely to stay around and develop but they will be complemented by an agile and dynamic method, such as Wikimploi: it will help to restructure the ways the unemployed people become employed, and will do it fast.

It helps all employees, whether new graduates or recently made redundant, to keep up to date professionally as it allows them to start collaboration within the Wikimploi community straight away. Besides this, the employees’ professional skills can best be put to use when they can focus on doing what they excel in, instead of spending time on organising partners and collaboration networks, office space, infrastructure and support functions. These can be found in Wikimploi.