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As an implementing body For the implementing body (municipality, city, government, public or local authority), Wikimploi offers a dynamic and global framework for bringing together world-class professionals who are able to, uninterrupted, continue exercising their professional skills on their area of expertise. They are also able to swiftly and efficiently undertake the tasks designated by the implementing body – this because a large networked community always provides for highly qualified individuals who can innovate, design and implement, at short notice. Wikimploi also occupies and activates vacant premises, empty office and other workspaces, and turns them into dynamic business centers at the very heart of a city or a local community.
As a policy-maker For the policy-maker (public or local authority, Parliament, local government), Wikimploi offers a new alternative for labour market policy through which professionals facing joblessness can remain employed and productive actors in a society. The Wikimploi model emphasises the responsibility of decision-makers to understand the desire of jobless professionals to act in a wider work community and bring in their contribution without delay, as waiting is detrimental. The Wikimploi model also emphasises the responsibility of decision-makers for rapid action, as all the necessary components are already available: enthusiastic worker, premises, work community, and the work undone. They just need to be brought together. Furthermore, the decision is made easy for policy-makers as most people working through Wikimploi already have a salary or funding in the form of unemployment benefit, redundancy payment package or one’s own company. With Wikimploi, policy-makers can contribute to rise the activity level of their municipality or city, help retain competitive workers and attract new skilled ones to the area. As policy-makers adopt the Wikimploi model as part of the city strategy, they will realise how crucial it is to enable the conditions needed for work and this way to tune the area into new growth and wellbeing.
As a sponsor For the sponsor (municipality, city, government, public or local authority, company, community, university, innovation and export organisation), Wikimploi offers an unparalleled work community: everyone will work based on both their own and common interests. The community will organise itself and take responsibility for the outcome of its work. Everyone can simultaneously act both as director of one’s own work and as sub-contractor for someone else. As Wikimploi expands, the globally connected network will develop global business and solutions. For companies seeking global business, Wikimploi is the ideal environment: the best professionals matching all requirements can be identified within few hours, regardless of time zones or professional field. For private business and companies Wikimploi offers a great opportunity to innovate, design and test products and services. For universities and other educational institutions, Wikimploi offers a channel to place the fresh graduates into their first working environment. Wikimploi places a burden on national export organisations only at the beginning, as the Wikimploi community will eventually form a more efficient and more knowledgeable model for engaging in international business.  Wikimploi creates both local professional activity and billion-euro global business.
As a Wikimployee For the Wikimployee, Wikimplace is a job, an environment for development, global network, and an inspiring place to find new work. For example, the extended 5,000 person Helsinki Kvantti-project would by the end of 2013 work with the other Wikimplace centers around the globe – in a community of 100,000 people. The employee will see his opportunities for success multiplied through working with others compared to staying home alone surfing the Internet. The employee has a low threshold to take his place in Wikimplace: he just needs to take his computer, phone, pen and paper along, grab an access card at the reception desk and go sit on his new desk. The first partners can be met around morning coffee, the first project formulated around lunch time and, by the end of the day, the upcoming calendar is filled with expectations, possibilities and excitement.


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