Funding and resources

Wikimploi as framework does not need money once operational – only its pilot phase needs funds to finalise the conceptual design, draft a legal framework and develop a detailed operational plan.

From unemployment benefit to employment benefit

Wikimployees start their work at a Wikimplace with either their unemployment benefit, redundancy payment package or their own company money. As projects evolve and become profitable, salary follows. Allowing people to work with unemployment benefit requires immediate change to labour law.

Wikimploi’s Grand Projects welcome philanthropic donations, international organisations’, EU, national and local government funding and sponsoring. The money will be used to pay Wikimployees working on those projects and to further develop the Wikimploi concept and method.


Resources needed include the millions of square meters of empty office and other workspace production, storage and market space around the world. It is possible that the owners of these empty spaces give them to Wikimploi at first for free in an initial sponsor-type agreement in which they get visibility in return. However, soon after initial sponsorship cooperation, these real estate arrangements can be turned into profitable business for their owners as former empty premises become dynamic business centers.

Wikimploi also welcomes sponsors and partnerships in the logistics area – for example airlines, car brands, local traffic operators, hotel industry, shipping and rail, but also in catering, ICT, etc. Logistics sponsors would support transport and work of Wikimployees through provision of, at first, free tickets in exchange of visibility, but then when sponsorship turns into partnership, they also get Wikimploi brainpower in use to improve their business. The first and quickest companies to sponsor the establishment of Wikimploi will get the biggest benefits!

All resources needed can also be funded, instead of sponsoring, with philanthropic donations, international organisations’, EU, and national or local government funding.

Pilot phase funding

Wikimploi needs funding at the very initial phase, to build Wikimploi from its current 0.8 version into 1.0 version. This can be done through, for example, an EU-funded pilot project to support the development work of some 30-odd people, who would very quickly design and upgrade the Wikimploi concept and procedures to the version 1.0.

Once mature, the pilot project would continue with localisation work – a phase during which a Wikimplace is created and its concept adapted to a certain number of countries with the help of people from the EU, universities and local governments.

Pilot phase can also be started in one country, city or commune alone and funded with philanthropic donations, international organisations’, national or local government funding or through sponsoring.