Key Concepts

Abstraction shifts

Abstraction shifts pave the way for new work  

The concept of new work is based on the fact that in today’s complex and changing world, all fields of work will sooner or later face one or more abstraction shifts. This means that the content, relevance, execution and output of work become redefined and shift to a higher level of development. At the same time, some types of work unavoidably become irrelevant and cease to exist.

New Work

New work is lucrative but also benefits the greater good 

New work is lucrative insofar as the implementation of novel work models can help raise the level of competitiveness and thus increase profits. The success of new work relies on creative measures that enable employees, resources and funding to be re-allocated for more useful purposes, increasing the productivity and living standards in society. In this respect, new work is closely related to the concepts of disruptive innovation and creative destruction. To be viable in the long run, new work must improve wellbeing on a global scale.


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