Grand Projects

Wikimployees can come to a Wikimplace with both their own ideas and projects or join the Wikimploi’s own Grand Projects as employees.

The Grand Projects are dedicated to the abstraction shift of work – making work, and thus all production, consumption and societal activities more economical, ecological and ethical.

Wikimploi’s Grand Projects are funded by philanthropic donations, international organisations’, EU, national and local government funding or sponsoring. The evolving work and its final results are available to all and will definitely serve as source of innovation for companies and Wikimployees looking for new business ventures.

Examples on Wikimploi Grand Projects include:

Design of ecocities and new types of cities. In the context of climate change and need to move towards renewable energy sources design of totally new cities and communities becomes evident. These can be designed for different kinds of environment – for sea-, lake- and river side, tundra or forest, for example. Other types of cities include cities or communities dedicated to arts etc.

Restructuring and rebuilding local economies. As living far away from city centres is becoming more difficult due to lack of services, local economies and services need to be reinvented (cf. food production, medical care etc.). But this also applies to bigger cities and communities as dependency on in particular food and energy delivered from far makes them extremely vulnerable to disruptions in logistics and energy networks.

Repairing environmental damage. Numerous acute environmental crises around the world remain unsolved – be it leaks of harmful substance to waters and soil or air pollution, for example. With the brainpower and awareness raising of the global Wikimploi community these crises can be quickly listed, brought into global attention and worked upon.

Renovation of journalism. The Internet has pulled the rug from under the traditional media houses’ feet, with advertising money no longer paying for the salary of journalists. Established newspapers are in trouble and owning a printing house has lost its power, as major paper publications slowly disappear or go online. In this context, journalism needs redefinition.

Redefining money. Putting an end to speculation-driven formation of value and shooting down speculators making profits through messing with other people’s sincere and hard productive work (cf. agricultural commodities).

Energy production. It goes without saying that renewable energy production and use needs further development. Wikimploi brainpower can do this and even invent something totally new.

Renaissance of education and erudition. Reforming the educational system so that no mediocrity is tolerated from the side of teachers and professors. Engaging in excellence is the key word – nothing less is taught. Valuing profound knowledge and expertise brought by practice. Introducing senior professionals’ mentoring into the educational system.

Reforming local government. True engagement of people into managing the use of their tax money, organisation of communal services and building the local environment. Direct representation and involvement of citizens in decision-making.

From consumerism to sustaining the society and the environment. Building change in attitude towards everyday consumption – be it food, clothes, energy or water, for example. Expanding awareness of the origin, resource use and production conditions of the multiple products and gadgets we do not need, but desire to have and consume because of successful marketing that appeals to our vanity and laziness. Increasing awareness and valuing consumption that sustains local economies and reduces resource use.


Image 2010+ Trends and Technology Timeline (excerpt). Copyright © 2013 what’snext.