Pilot Example – Case Paris

Several Wikimplaces (Wikimplace Montmartre, Wikimplace Montparnasse etc.) created in Paris could each host 500-1000 professionals waiting to put their skills in use. They could welcome 50-100 young people to train them via atelier apprentice and traineeship agreements, for example.

Wikimploi combines three things in Paris (as in any city):

  1. Available workforce, unemployed professionals and youngsters, seeking to put their talents in use and do something meaningful for the greater good.
  2. The millions of m² of empty offices, workspace, production, storage and market space around the world, waiting to get business.
  3. Work, either on everybodys own ideas and projects, or the Wikimploi Grand Projects.
  4. As fourth dimension, Wikimploi makes an abstraction shift of work doing the current and future work (all production and services) more ecologically, ethically and economically.

Why Paris?

Paris is different. Paris is revolutionary. Thoughts born and actions taken in the city throughout the history have had a profound effect across disciplines, across the world. By essence, the city holds in itself the seeds of Wikimploi-type revolution (Woodstock Paris). The city is multicultural and as a key destination for tourism, the message of Wikimploi and the several Paris Wikimplaces would quickly go around the world.


Grand plan for jobs and housing

Paris city center currently holds over 1 million m² of empty office space (the entire region of Île-de-France over 4 million m²)! As the national debate over the subject heats up amid rising housing shortage – Wikimploi has a grand plan to solve it all. Wikimploi will design together with property owners and investors an unforeseen business model that combines the use of empty premises, work and housing. Such model will bring the owners and investors huge profits over a short period of time.

In practice this would mean that:

  • Wikimploi professionals start their own and join forces in joint projects that create new business and success in Paris and beyond
  • Wikimploi professionals are the first entrepreneurs and visionaries who trust young people and take them along to design patterns and examples to organise common work.
  • Wikimploi professionals and the young start a broad development project, in which the youth is positively taken along to envision, design and organise globally important projects
  • Young people are an integral part of these city center Wikimploi-communities. As centrally located as possible, these places become an integral part on the city’s functioning – an equivalent of dynamic marketplaces – that provide for a cosy and active communal meeting place for all citizens.
  • At each Wikimplace 500 professionals with some 100 young people start 500+ projects that are networked with 5,000 Wikimployees around the globe. Young people get help, support and mentoring for their own projects. This gives them responsibilities, which in turn motivates them – even more so as they start to see the results of their work.
  • As the young progress with their Wikimploi-apprentice projects, the best educational institutions join the community to develop professional and vocational training bottom-up. In that process the young define the vision and the institutions draft the curriculum.
  • The Paris Wikimploi centers quickly become France’s most visited employment sites that attract thousands of journalists and strategists from the UN, the ILO, the World Bank and foreign governments. Paris would thus attract even more new visitors, increasing the turnover for related service providers.

The Paris Wikimplace can be cloned with localised emphasis and profiles to, for example, Marseille, Nancy, Besançon and Lyon. It can also be exported to those countries and cities in need of new initiatives and employment innovations. It is clear that the first active Wikimplace pilot will assume the leadership in establishing the following 30-100 Wikimplaces, wherever they’ll be.

First steps to Wikimploi Paris
First, a plan is quickly prepared (cf. wiki-wiki speed). In about two weeks, a focused action plan, facilities and resources are ready, different partners called together and access cards and work desks distributed.


Wikimploi components: People, empty spaces and work, plus paradigm shift of work.

On the third week 1,000 + 200 Wikimployees are operational with their 1,000+  projects, and the first clones can be kicked-off in other enthusiastic cities. After a couple of months, Helsinki, Stockholm, Madrid, Athens andRio de Janeiro are likely to be already involved. And many of the young Parisians need to go to Finland, Sweden, Spain, Greece andBrasil as Wikimploi export consultants. Wikimploi is a non-profit framework, but the consulting is charged. The profits from consulting are used to further develop the Wikimploi concept and to its export to the developing countries.

Wikimploi-priorities-imperatives-Vision-Plan-Organise-Execute-Grand-Projects-Paradigm-shift-JRi  Wikimploi-framework-Case-Isabelle-From-start-up-through-Wikimploi-to-stock-market-JRi

Wikimploi priorities and Startups. Wikimploi starts with envisioning and planning, then we organize the framework and resources for work and execute by starting our projects. All this in one month for 10 000 unemployed professionals in one city (picture on left). Startups have an ideal environment for growth and expansion, inside the community or even for IPO (picture on right).

Some 200 young Parisians going around the world, spreading the message of a new type of work community is far more credible than ministers giving passive speeches about young people. This is Wikimploi’s Occupy and Woodstock. Wikimploi’s Renaissance means that  we create modern work, which combines the ethics of work and its output, ecology and economics. This type of radical, pivotal action is exactly what young people need.

Excellence of Paris in Airpano images. Copyright Airpano.com. http://www.airpano.com/360Degree-VirtualTour.php?3D=Paris-France

Image from left: Champs-Élysées, Place de la Concorde, the Tuileries Garden, Louvre. Photography by Stanislav Sedov and Dmitriy Moiseenko © 2013 AirPano.

Why only in Paris? Why not anywhere else?

Wikimploi model can be applied anywhere. Paris is ideal because all things started in Paris get worldwide. But there is a Paris in Texas, and any other city can be a new Paris. So, Paris is an example, all other cities are as good or better.




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